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This Is What Hard Work Looks Like. (Results from our final transformation contest)

22 sets of photos and $20,000 in prize money. Here are the most recent S2B transformation winners.

Money! This is what 10 Grand in cash looks like.


If you don’t know by now, a cool feature of our S2B Coaching Program is the transformation contest we run for clients. We offer $20,000 in prize money — $10,000 for the Grand Prize Winner and another $10,000 in other prizes.

Our final program just wrapped up, and I’d like to introduce you to our newest S2B-graduates and prize winners.

The following guys had some amazing transformations — both physically and mentally — and we’re super-proud of them all.

(The criteria for choosing the winner, by the way, was based on measurement data, participation data, client attitude, and coach feedback.)

In the end, although we had dozens of potential winners, we had to narrow it down.

Big Congratulations to all

To the guys below and everyone else who was a part of the most recent cohort, thank you for joining us in the S2B Coaching Program.

One more thing: You’ll notice there are more before and after photos than usual here. What gives?

Well, we wanted to highlight the guys from the previous round of S2B, too. (It wrapped up in May 2014.)

$10K Grand Prize: Paddy

  • Name: Paddy
  • Weight Gained: 46lbs
  • Starting Weight: 154lbs
  • Max Weight: 200lbs

gained 46lbs.

$5K Winner: Eddie

  • Name: Eddie
  • Weight Gained: 35lbs
  • Starting Weight: 138lbs
  • Max Weight: 173lbs

gained 35lbs.

$2.5K Winner: Swarup

  • Name: Swarup
  • Weight Gained: 37lbs
  • Starting Weight: 153lbs
  • Max Weight: 190lbs

gained 37lbs.

$500 Winner: Ruben

  • Name: Ruben
  • Weight Gained: 40lbs
  • Starting Weight: 140lbs
  • Max Weight: 180lbs

gained 40lbs.

$500 Winner: Clyde

  • Name: Clyde
  • Weight Gained: 42lbs
  • Starting Weight: 170lbs
  • Max Weight: 212lbs

gained 42lbs.

$500 Winner: Graham

  • Name: Graham
  • Weight Gained: 43lbs
  • Starting Weight: 156lbs
  • Max Weight: 199lbs

gained 43lbs.

$500 Winner: Andrew

  • Name: Andrew
  • Weight Gained: 39lbs
  • Starting Weight: 163lbs
  • Max Weight: 202lbs

gained 39lbs.

$500 Winner: Henrik

  • Name: Henrik
  • Weight Gained: 37lbs
  • Starting Weight: 148lbs
  • Max Weight: 185lbs

gained 37lbs.

$500 Winner: Luciano

  • Name: Luciano
  • Weight Gained: 27lbs
  • Starting Weight: 158lbs
  • Max Weight: 185lbs

gained 27lbs.

$500 Winner: Rich

  • Name: Rich
  • Weight Gained: 20lbs
  • Starting Weight: 155lbs
  • Max Weight: 175lbs

gained 20lbs.

$500 Winner: Jameson

  • Name: Jameson
  • Weight Gained: 14lbs
  • Starting Weight: 111lbs
  • Max Weight: 125lbs

gained 14lbs.

May 2014 Winners

Grand Prize Winner: Adam

  • Name: Adam
  • Weight Gained: 31lbs
  • Starting Weight: 189lbs
  • Max Weight: 220lbs

gained 31lbs.

Finalist: Jared

  • Name: Jared
  • Weight Gained: 43lbs
  • Starting Weight: 179lbs
  • Max Weight: 222lbs

gained 43lbs.

Finalist: Drew

  • Name: Drew
  • Weight Gained: 27lbs
  • Starting Weight: 175lbs
  • Max Weight: 202lbs

gained 27lbs.

Finalist: Zack

  • Name: Zack
  • Weight Gained: 31lbs
  • Starting Weight: 194lbs
  • Max Weight: 225lbs

gained 31lbs.

Finalist: Orly

  • Name: Orly
  • Weight Gained: 18lbs
  • Starting Weight: 121lbs
  • Max Weight: 139lbs

gained 18lbs.

Finalist: Clayton

  • Name: Clatyon
  • Weight Gained: 23lbs
  • Starting Weight: 211lbs
  • Max Weight: 234lbs

gained 23lbs.

Finalist: Jonathan

  • Name: Jonathan
  • Weight Gained: 25lbs
  • Starting Weight: 182lbs
  • Max Weight: 207lbs

gained 25lbs.

Finalist: Drew

  • Name: Drew
  • Weight Gained: 21lbs
  • Starting Weight: 160lbs
  • Max Weight: 181lbs

gained 21lbs.

Finalist: Christopher

  • Name: Christopher
  • Weight Gained: 35lbs
  • Starting Weight: 215lbs
  • Max Weight: 250lbs

gained 35lbs.

Finalist: Grant

  • Name: Grant
  • Weight Gained: 25lbs
  • Starting Weight: 152lbs
  • Max Weight: 177lbs

gained 25lbs.

Finalist: Jordan

  • Name: Jordan
  • Weight Gained: 26lbs
  • Starting Weight: 211lbs
  • Max Weight: 237lbs

gained 26lbs.

9 Responses to This Is What Hard Work Looks Like. (Results from our final transformation contest)

  1. Adrian Presant says:

    Is there any indication of when the research sabbatical will wrap up and the next S2B might be underway?

  2. Stefan Garborg says:

    Quick question, Nate. Not specifically pertaining to this page (great job on those guys, by the way), but I’m not sure how else to get in touch with you.

    I signed up for the five-day Scrawny-to-Brawny email program, which has given me excellent dietary and psychological guidelines. My question is this: Although the six-week exercise regimen (to “lay the foundation”) included in one of those emails seems great to start out with, where do I go from there? I can’t find any plan that details the appropriate training schedule past those first six weeks. If you have anything for that second phase and beyond, could you do me a solid and hook me up?

    • Nate Green says:

      Hey Stefan –

      I think a great next step would be getting a coach to help you with your workouts and nutrition habits.

      Coach Calvin (from S2B) is gonna be taking clients in the Precision Nutrition Coaching for Men program starting in January 2015.

      You can sign up for the presale list to receive a discount on the coaching here:

      Then when the time comes to register, simply email [email protected] and request Calvin as your coach.


      PS – We’re also launching our new program in July of 2015 if you want to wait for that.

  3. Nicholas Deacon says:

    So many squats!! I hope everyone can observe the leg transformations. Some of these guys look like they more than doubled their leg size – congratulations!

  4. Emma says:

    You need to have a similar programme for women! I would love to build muscle!

  5. Adam Porter says:

    Congratulations, everyone. It’s been an amazing experience learning and growing alongside you all.

  6. Glenn says:

    I tore my L knee and had surgery one year ago with an ACL and medial meniscus repair and the lateral meniscus they had to remove. I never got my strength back in my knee and my quads and hams are about 3/4 the size of my good leg. When I kneel down sometimes I can feel my knee joint move a bit then click with a bit of pain when it goes back into place. How would this affect me signing up for the coaching program. Would the program be tailored to my knee issue? Thanks!