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The S2B Team

We know how awesome life can be once you build a body you’re proud of.

Each of us went through our own transformation not too long ago, one that radically changed the way we looked and lived.

And what we learned from improving our bodies bled into every other aspect of our lives and made them better than we ever imagined — from our careers, to our relationships, to our day-to-day lives. Now we help other guys do the same.

It’s our mission to help other guys get that same “holy-shit-my-life-is-awesome” experience, build a body they can be proud of, and lead bigger lives.

  • Dr. John Berardi

    Dr. John M. Berardi is the co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Precision Nutrition Inc. and a former scrawny guy who gained over 70 pounds of muscle. One of the world’s foremost experts on sport and exercise nutrition, Dr. Berardi has coached hundreds of elite athletes — from NFL players to UFC champions —  and has helped thousands gain muscle through his writing and coaching. He serves as a high-performance consultant to Nike.

  • Nate Green

    Nate Green

    Nate Green is a writer, coach, and hero in training. As a teenager, Nate took himself from a scrawny 145 pounds to an athletic 185 pounds. His work has been featured in The LA Times, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and other media. He also helped with research for the New York Times Bestseller “The 4-Hour Body”.  He is the author of Built for Show and the Hero Handbook.

  • Craig Weller

    A skinny guy in his teenage years, Craig gained over 35 pounds in his twenties. His drive to become bigger and more athletic began when he entered the Navy and continued through 6 years of Naval Special Warfare and 2 more years of private security work in places like Iraq and Sudan. A writer, self-experimenter, and strategist, Craig has written for major fitness magazines and has helped hundreds of guys and military personnel from around the world build muscle and strength under every kind of condition.


  • Calvin Buhler

    Calvin Buhler is a former NCAA All-American wrestler and a former S2B client who gained 40 pounds of muscle and became the 2011 Grand Prize winner. A certified strength and conditioning specialist, Calvin now helps guys from around the world make the same kind of body and life transformation he did.