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Delivering $10,000 in Cold Hard Cash – Our Latest Grand Prize Winner and Finalists

These 12 guys spent the last year getting in the best shape of their lives in the S2B coaching program. They gained an average of 29 pounds of muscle. Now we’re giving them money.

I want you to try something for me.

Open your hand as far as you can, like you’re holding a monster hamburger. The gap between your fingers and thumb is roughly $10,000 worth of crisp twenty-dollar bills stacked on top of each other and wrapped in rubber bands.


I carried this stack of money around for 2 days. I smelled it a lot. I counted it multiple times. I briefly considered spreading it across my hotel room bed and rolling around in it.

Instead, I took it to the front door of our latest S2B Grand Prize Winner and tossed it to him. I’m just glad he didn’t drop it.

Check it out here:

(As you can tell from the video, Jean-Charles is a gracious host and all-around stand-up guy. It’s not common to invite a video crew into your house and answer tough questions in your non-native language.)

So, if you don’t know by now, a cool feature of our S2B Coaching Program is the muscle-building contest we run for clients. With each new program we offer $20,000 in prize money — $10,000 for the Grand Prize Winner and ten $1,000 prizes for the next ten runner-ups.

Our latest program just wrapped up, and we’re getting ready to start a new one next week. (If you’re interested in working with us, make sure to go sign up for the presale list now.)

We had one hell of a time narrowing down the guys who should win some money. There were so many awesome transformations, we almost got to the point of flipping coins to see who should win. (Kidding.)

That’s why we decided to give away another $1,000 and award 11 more guys with money. Here they are, in no particular order.

$10K Grand Prize: Jean-Charles

  • Name: Jean-Charles
  • Weight Gained: 36lbs
  • Starting Weight: 175lbs
  • Max Weight: 211lbs

gained 36lbs.

$1K Winner: Mark

  • Name: Mark
  • Weight Gained: 33lbs
  • Starting Weight: 148lbs
  • Max Weight: 181lbs

gained 33lbs.

$1K Winner: Simon

  • Name: Simon
  • Weight Gained: 25lbs
  • Starting Weight: 212lbs
  • Max Weight: 237lbs

gained 25lbs.

$1K Winner: Aaron

  • Name: Aaron
  • Weight Gained: 25lbs
  • Starting Weight: 195lbs
  • Max Weight: 220lbs

gained 25lbs.

$1K Winner: Rishi

  • Name: Rishi
  • Weight Gained: 22lbs
  • Starting Weight: 142lbs
  • Max Weight: 164lbs

gained 22lbs.

$1K Winner: Brad

  • Name: Brad
  • Weight Gained: 29lbs
  • Starting Weight: 161lbs
  • Max Weight: 190lbs

gained 29lbs.

$1K Winner: Richard

  • Name: Richard
  • Weight Gained: 21lbs
  • Starting Weight: 164lbs
  • Max Weight: 185lbs

gained 21lbs.

$1K Winner: Don

  • Name: Don
  • Weight Gained: 33lbs
  • Starting Weight: 193lbs
  • Max Weight: 226lbs

gained 33lbs.

$1K Winner: Jason

  • Name: Jason
  • Weight Gained: 28lbs
  • Starting Weight: 159lbs
  • Max Weight: 187lbs

gained 28lbs.

$1K Winner: Terry

  • Name: Terry
  • Weight Gained: 37lbs
  • Starting Weight: 138lbs
  • Max Weight: 175lbs

gained 37lbs.

$1K Winner: James

  • Name: James
  • Weight Gained: 25lbs
  • Starting Weight: 133lbs
  • Max Weight: 158lbs

gained 25lbs.

$1K Winner: Paul

  • Name: Paul
  • Weight Gained: 22lbs
  • Starting Weight: 158lbs
  • Max Weight: 180lbs

gained 22lbs.

29 Responses to Delivering $10,000 in Cold Hard Cash – Our Latest Grand Prize Winner and Finalists

  1. VancoD says:

    Congrats to all – and way to go JC!!!!

    PS – good job at keeping it a secret!! But i called it!!! ;)

    • Mark Shields says:

      you also called several others to win :p

      • VancoD says:

        Yeah – but you and I commiserated on JC first. Then he “””sorta””” denied it via PM (dammit – I should have seen that he never actually said “no”!!)

  2. Darrel says:

    WTG Canada! Congratulations to all the participants for great efforts. I have been following the blog for a few months now and can’t wait for the November coaching to start. A current commitment is keeping me from this round but I am not missing the next one!

  3. Great job guys!! Congrats to everyone for an amazing year. JC you are a monster!!! Congrats on the huge win.

  4. VancoD says:

    So Nate – what time are you showing up with my cash? I want to make sure I have sammiches and stuff.

    Maybe we can hit the local Snap fitness and ogle the seniors
    (I’m in Florida, folks)

  5. Congratulations to everyone :D Those are some nice results all around!

  6. Deech says:

    Congrats to everyone! I do notice that nobody seems to have much extra body fat to start with. It’d be nice to see that kind of a transformation than coming from hardly any fat to begin with.

    • Mark Shields says:

      well, the program is “Scrawny to Brawny” ;)

    • Adi says:

      I completely agree with ya..I am not as lean as these guys here are.. I am skinny fat with 12-13% bf..Not sure if I will leanout and at the same time gain muscle on this program..

    • VancoD says:

      29% Bodyfat. Lean Eating first, S2B second….

      • Deech says:

        THAT’S the transformation I want to hear about!! Wow.

      • Nate Green says:

        Also, just take a look at the right-hand side of this page and you’ll see lots of other transformations. How much fat do you feel you have to lose, Deech?

      • Adi says:

        Nate, Do you think I can lean out and at the same time build muscle on this program? I am at 12-13% and tried (but failed) to get down to 10% bf..or am I expecting too much?

      • VancoD says:

        I definitely think you can – you just need to work at it and test/measure then adjust as you go.

        JMO of course – but if you’re at 13% and could not get to 10 you weren’t using the correct protocol. I went from 16.5 to 10.5 in the last 6 weeks of S2B! (granted – the regime was radical)

      • Deech says:

        I look similar to the above pic but with more muscle. Probably around 20% bf at least. Hormones might be an issue and I’m 40. Working on that aspect now. Think I’m making progress…

      • Deech says:

        The BEFORE pic that is!

      • Deech says:

        Ok I have less fat than the before pic as well. Also, why isn’t that the before pic on the pics above?

      • Adi says:

        VancoD has done a lean eating program first and then did the S2B..great work VancoD..true inspiration

      • VancoD says:

        ^ THIS

        (and thank you)

      • Nate Green says:

        Hey Deech –

        You have a choice ahead of you. Both will be awesome, and we’ll help you get where you want to be.

        If you have mostly fat to lose, I suggest checking out the Lean Eating for Men Coaching Program. The next program starts in July.

        If you’re looking to lose a LITTLE fat, while gaining muscle and becoming stronger, then S2B is for you.

        Hope that helps!

      • VancoD says:

        Deech – the “before” pic I posted is when I started in Lean Eating, another program.

        That picture details my last 2 years – from fatty to brawny.

  7. Adi says:

    How many people are you guys expecting to join for may 2013 s2b program?

  8. BIgLee says:

    Just watched the workout video. I’m doing You Are Your Own Gym for workouts. Seen decent results despite not eating like you recommend. Wondering what you think about doing YAYOG instead of weights.
    Pros- all about compound movements. Pulls ups, squats, pushups, etc.
    Cons- no weights involved