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Real Guys, Real Results: The Latest S2B Prize Winners

Join me in congratulating our newest prize winners and check out their awesome before-and-after photos.

Money!This is what 10 Grand in cash looks like.

Results Of Our Transformation Contest

If you don’t know by now, a cool feature of our S2B Coaching Program is the transformation contest we run for clients. We offer $20,000 in prize money — $10,000 for the Grand Prize Winner and another $10,000 in other prizes.

(We’re going bigger than ever for our final launch in a couple weeks.)

Our latest program just wrapped up, and I’d like to introduce you to our newest S2B-graduates and prize winners.

The following guys had some amazing transformations — both physically and mentally — and we’re super-proud of them all.

(The criteria for choosing the winner, by the way, was based on measurement data, participation data, client attitude, and coach feedback.)

In the end, although we had dozens of potential winners, we had to narrow it down.

A BIG congratulations to all of the guys below and everyone else who was a part of the most recent cohort.

$10K Grand Prize: Zarak

  • Name: Zarak
  • Weight Gained: 33lbs
  • Starting Weight: 130lbs
  • Max Weight: 163lbs

gained 33lbs.


I used to be overcome with ‘paralysis by analysis’. I knew what to do…I just had trouble doing it consistently. I joined S2B so that I could have a straightforward program and nutritional guidelines to follow without over-thinking the details.

Coach Craig was able to help me with something I have struggled with enormously in the past: the inability to commit to something through to the end.

Before I joined S2B I was just getting in my own way. The best decision I made was to hand over the reigns to you guys.


$2.5K Winner: Justin

  • Name: Justin
  • Weight Gained: 35lbs
  • Starting Weight: 161lbs
  • Max Weight: 196lbs

gained 35lbs.

$2.5K Winner: Tyson

  • Name: Tyson
  • Weight Gained: 33lbs
  • Starting Weight: 189lbs
  • Max Weight: 222lbs

gained 33lbs.

$1K Winner: John

  • Name: John
  • Weight Gained: 54lbs
  • Starting Weight: 164lbs
  • Max Weight: 218lbs

gained 54lbs.

$1K Winner: Dennis

  • Name: Dennis
  • Weight Gained: 36lbs
  • Starting Weight: 158lbs
  • Max Weight: 194lbs

gained 36lbs.

$1K Winner: Sam

  • Name: Sam
  • Weight Gained: 18lbs
  • Starting Weight: 171lbs
  • Max Weight: 189lbs

gained 18lbs.

$1K Winner: Dave

  • Name: Dave
  • Weight Gained: 20lbs
  • Starting Weight: 143lbs
  • Max Weight: 163lbs

gained 20lbs.

$1K Winner: Graham

  • Name: Graham
  • Weight Gained: 23lbs
  • Starting Weight: 140lbs
  • Max Weight: 163lbs

gained 23lbs.

4 Responses to Real Guys, Real Results: The Latest S2B Prize Winners

  1. Alex Hall says:

    Great job by everyone. Very proud to be class of November 2013 and some very deserving winners above. #beasts

  2. Grant says:

    Amazing transformations – well done everyone! Keep up the hard work.

  3. Ronaldo Guevara says:

    Congratulations to my co-cohorts! Class of November 2013 here too. I made some gains, but not as much as these deserving guys!

  4. Tom Nikkola says:

    Impressive transformation! Congratulations to all!