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May 2011 Grand Prize Winner

Our May 2011 Grand Prize Winner plus 10 other prize winners. These are real guys who gained crazy amounts of muscle and changed their lives.

We just wrapped up our latest coaching group and it’s time to award $10,000 to the guy who had the best transformation.

These guys came in all shapes and sizes, from all parts of the globe, and from all walks of life. And what they were able to accomplish in the 12-month Scrawny To Brawny program is remarkable.

These are real guys who added the right training and nutrition strategies to their lives one step at a time, built on each day’s successes, and learned how to maintain what they’ve accomplished for life.

But before we introduce the winner, I have to say this:

Man, it was tough to choose the winner.

This S2B group produced some of the most outstanding physical and lifestyle transformations I’ve seen.  The coaches and I spent weeks going through all of our finalists’ data. (And there was a lot of it.)

The criteria for choosing the winner was based on measurement data, participation data, client attitude, coach feedback, community voting, and in-house voting as well.  In the end, although we had dozens of potential winners, we had to choose.  There could only be one.

Grand Prize Winner: Big Buhl

  • Forum Name: Big Buhl
  • Weight Gained: 40lbs
  • Starting Weight: 165lbs
  • Max Weight: 205lbs

Big Buhl gained 40lbs.

This has been one of the best experiences of my life.

I could write an entire book about how differently I feel now. It feels like I’ve got my life back. Like I’ve got my “mojo” back. The best part is that I almost feel invincible.

I joined S2B because I needed someone to hold me accountable and put together my nutrition and workout plan. I was just too burnt out to do it myself. I was fed up with the direction my life was going and had to do something about it.

The program was amazing. More than anything, I value the fact that my coach had “been there, done that.”  He had walked the walk and had experienced everything me and the other guys were going through.

Now I realize the physical transformation is just a small part of what you get with Scrawny to Brawny. The true transformation is a life transformation. And it comes as a residual effect as you master your body in the gym and in the kitchen.

Winning the grand prize is a nice bonus, too. I bought my wife a ring that she’s been wanting and we’re going to go to Disneyland with the family this Fall.  I’ve also decided to pay for a medical procedure that one of my wife’s friend is in need of, but can’t afford.

I feel this is the true essence of the type of hero created by S2B.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to help someone else in need.



Originally, when we introduced the S2B program and the $10K contest for S2B clients, we planned on giving only one prize – a single $10,000 prize for the overall winner.  However, the transformations were amazing.  And the competition close.  So we decided to do something really special.

That’s right, instead of no runner-up prizes (as originally designed), we’re giving away 10 x $1,000 prizes.  One to each of the following ten guys. Truly, each of these guys had an amazing transformation.  And each is a deserving winner.

Here they are, in no particular order:

Finalist #1: tommolloy

  • Forum Name: tommolloy
  • Weight Gained: 33lbs
  • Starting Weight: 155lbs
  • Max Weight: 188lbs

tommolloy gained 33lbs.

Finalist #2: ryster

  • Forum Name: ryster
  • Weight Gained: 25lbs
  • Starting Weight: 128lbs
  • Max Weight: 153lbs

ryster gained 25lbs.

Finalist #3: WEAPON-X

  • Forum Name: WEAPON-X
  • Weight Gained: 44lbs
  • Starting Weight: 157lbs
  • Max Weight: 201lbs

WEAPON-X gained 44lbs.

Finalist #4: Kessu

  • Forum Name: Kessu
  • Weight Gained: 16lbs
  • Starting Weight: 134lbs
  • Max Weight: 150lbs

Kessu gained 16lbs.

Finalist #5: rashard.france

  • Forum Name: rashard.france
  • Weight Gained: 30lbs
  • Starting Weight: 180lbs
  • Max Weight: 210lbs

rashard.france gained 30lbs.

Finalist #6: Jasey

  • Forum Name: Jasey
  • Weight Gained: 25lbs
  • Starting Weight: 145lbs
  • Max Weight: 170lbs

Jasey gained 25lbs.

Finalist #7: oakwood

  • Forum Name: oakwood
  • Weight Gained: 7lbs
  • Starting Weight: 177lbs
  • Max Weight: 184lbs

oakwood gained 7lbs.

Finalist #8: StevieJ

  • Forum Name: StevieJ
  • Weight Gained: 26lbs
  • Starting Weight: 144lbs
  • Max Weight: 170lbs

StevieJ gained 26lbs.

Finalist #9: Acmd

  • Forum Name: Acmd
  • Weight Gained: 25lbs
  • Starting Weight: 178lbs
  • Max Weight: 203lbs

Acmd gained 25lbs.


Finalist #10: Benx

  • Forum Name: Benx
  • Weight Gained: 25lbs
  • Starting Weight: 161lbs
  • Max Weight: 186lbs

Benx gained 25lbs.

Congrats to all our finalists and prize winners.  Again, it was one hell of a hard time choosing.  And congrats to all the guys who participated in the S2B program and had an amazing transformation of their own. Sure, money is nice. But changing your body (and life) is a whole lot nicer.

11 Responses to May 2011 Grand Prize Winner

  1. VancoD says:

    These guys all did an awesome job!  Congrats men!

  2. Katie Buhler says:

    Congratulations, I am so proud of you, you have worked so hard. You have such a big heart, reading this blog this morning put me into tears. I had no idea you were thinking of helping out my close friend with her medical procedure. You amaze me everyday! 

    S2B has been such an amazing program for Calvin, his Coach Paul was amazing. Thank you Scrawny to Brawny for putting together such an amazing program.

    Congratulations to all the other finalists! 

    Calvin I could not be a PROUDER wife then I am today!

    • Thanks Katie!

      You married a true hero. Hope it’s no trouble ironing his cape!

      Of course, this is just the start. We’ve got lots more planned when it comes to Calvin’s influence, as he’ll also be working with me as an S2B Mentor for the next May 2012 cohort!

      Can’t wait to get started. And couldn’t be more proud.

      Thanks for helping him out and putting up with all of his journey. We all know how much support he drew from you, and how he couldn’t have done it without your (and the kids’) love and help.



  3. Jesse Rhew says:

    DAMN!  I am so stoked on their progress.  ScrawBraw is, without a doubt, a life-changing experience for me.  I’d never worked out for real before.  Until this program I never knew that what I was doing was just wasting my time.  In the first month of S2B, my results were nothing less than dramatic.  Even so, Coach Chuck stressed to us that changing your body isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.  I lived on the couch until S2B, and now I will work out for the rest of my life (now that I know how easy it is to get the results I’ve already had).

    I’m only halfway through ScrawBraw, and if I get any more attention from girls, I might have to become a hermit–as long as my cave has a gym.

    Big ups to Tommolloy and Kesu!  They didn’t gain the most weight, but I thought their transformations were the most dramatic.  I’m so glad PN decided to do the Honorable Mention prizes!

  4. Henry says:

    Congratulations Big Buhl!

    Seems to me that we all got alot more out of this than just muscle! ;)
    Also I’d like to thank everyone for all the votes ^_^ You guys are awesome.

  5. Big Buhl says:

    This is Calvin, AKA Big Buhl.  Thanks for
    all the votes/comments and for all the support from everyone in the S2B
    community, especially the coaches and the S2B brothers.  This experience
    has been epic and I am truly grateful for the journey.  I want to congratulate
    all of the finalist and let them know how proud I am of their accomplishments.
     Way to go guys!

  6. Krista Schaus says:

    Big Buhl and all the boyz, add mojo to your repertoire of S2B vocabulary and also “moxie” – you guys personify both of these. Here’s another one for you – Motivating, miraculous, magnificent!

    I know the work involved!I applaud your drive. Impressive.