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How To Be Average: 10 Ways To Build a Mediocre Body and Be Unremarkable

Building a good body and fulfilling life takes work. But a mediocre body and an average life? Well, that’s much easier. Here are 10 more tried and true rules to follow.

Like I said the first time around, the following may seem like a cynical list, but it’s really a reminder for myself and the rest of the guys out there who are trying to do something awesome with their lives. Here are 10 MORE ways to look and feel average. Consider it your “Not To Do” List.

10 Ways To Look and Feel Average – What NOT To Do


Complain whenever you have a chance to whoever will listen. Life is hard and actively working against you. You’re the victim here. Let everyone know.


Don’t stretch. It sucks and takes at least 10 minutes. Besides, you could be bench pressing! Who cares if your muscles are shortened and out of balance? You won’t really notice till you injure yourself. But that probably won’t happen, right?


Slump your shoulders. When you sit down, make yourself look small and unimportant. Don’t look anyone in the eye. Sit there obediently. Like a good boy.


Get jealous when your friends do well. But don’t let them know about it. Instead, congratulate them to their face then talk about them behind their back. They didn’t deserve it, anyway. It’s totally unfair. It should have been you.


Only do bilateral exercises in the gym. All you need to do is squat, bench, and deadlift. Forget lunges or single-arm rows. To hell with split squats. That stuff looks goofy. Plus it’s hard.


Spend $200 per month on supplements but don’t eat any vegetables. Scoff at the price of grass-fed beef. Make fun of people who buy free-range eggs. Those idiots don’t know what real nutrition is. They’re not even taking advantage of the post-workout window!


Pledge allegiance to one style of training or eating. Become polarizing and vocal. Stir up some attention:

Everyone who does Crossfit is an idiot!

Paleo is the only smart way to eat!

Intermittent fasting solves everything!

You win when people pay attention to you and give you money.


Meet everyone else’s expectations. Live your life so that you never fall outside the expectations of those around you. Go to college because that’s what you’re supposed to do. Bury yourself in debt because that’s what you’re supposed to do to finish college. Get a lame job because that’s what you’re supposed to do to pay off your debts. Wonder why you’re still bored, unfulfilled, and frustrated.


Assume that the people living the life you dream of possess some special ability that you do not. It’s not that they set out on their own terms. It’s not because they failed repeatedly knowing it was all a part of the learning process. It’s not because they sometimes stay up late at night to work alone while every one else parties. The secret to their success is simple: it was easy for them.

Ten = Your Chance To Win Cool Stuff

What should Number 10 be? What rule would you add to the list?

Let me know in the comments and I’ll randomly pick 2 guys and send them one of my favorite books, Esquire: The Meaning of Life.


49 Responses to How To Be Average: 10 Ways To Build a Mediocre Body and Be Unremarkable

  1. 10 – Find excuses for everything you’re not doing even though you know it would make you happier.


  2. Don’t except advices! Anyone try to give you any advices (even if he has a Phd) just ignore it! Trust in your dinosaurs information

  3. LightSideUp says:

    Rely on drugs and alcohol to have a good time every weekend. Experiences just aren’t as fun when you’re sober. Weekends are meant to be forgotten; day time hours are overrated on Saturdays and Sundays – and counter productive to living like a rock star

  4. Do not put yourself out of your comfort zone. Doing that would only lead to self growth and who would want to do that?

  5. Ten – Tell yourself it’s ok to settle. Maybe it wont be so bad if I just take that job I don’t really want. I should really do what’s expected of me. I should hold on to what I’ve got even if it means not having what I want.

  6. Matt Jones says:

    10: Don’t follow through. Commit to something completely and see it through to the end.

    I see so many people at my gym fail because they only give it a week and see that its not working.

  7. richard says:

    Ten-Lose focus to what you truly want. Spend each day wondering and analyzing your situation instead of working towards your goal

  8. Chad Ellis says:

    Ask for advice.Agree and pretend your listening.And then say he doesn’t know what hes talking about.Even though he trained hundreds of people and gotten great results with them.Then do the complete opposite.

  9. Jeremy Partl says:

    10. Focus only on food and exercise.
    We have life outside of the gym, and the world won’t be ruined if we eat the wrong things on occasion. Life is much more than this.

  10. Scott Bonneville says:

    Burn the candle at both ends. You can survive on 4hrs sleep with enough coffee. You’re a busy guy with important stuff to do. Besides you can sleep when you’re dead, right?

  11. Phi Doan says:

    10. Put things off.
    Keep telling yourself that you have a long life ahead of you and you can always start tomorrow, or the next day, or next week, or next year. Anytime you want, you can flip the switch, so why not do other things today?

  12. Jez says:

    10. Keep doing what you’re doing – Quitting is for losers right? Everyone knows that persistance pays off. Just because Einstein said that Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, doesn’t mean anything. Anyway, did he even lift?.

  13. Mike Samuels says:

    10. Major in the Minor

    Forget about doing just a few more reps or an extra couple of pounds every workout — you need myo-reps, cluster sets, wave loading and amino pulsing to get big and jacked. Duh!

  14. Drew Saelens says:

    Ways to feel average, what not to do #10: Resign yourself to low quality sex and intimacy by watching adult material all day and putting girls on pedestals from afar. Being in a real relationship takes work, creativity, and time. Plus, quality girls like guys with passion, interests, and healthy lifestyles. That all sounds like too much work when one can sit on the couch and “stroke” his own ego without any risk.

  15. Jonathan L says:

    Plan. Plan some more. Tweak the plan. Change the plan. Scrap the plan and devise a bigger, more elaborate alternate plan. I mean, why spend the day actually doing stuff when you can spend it pretending to do stuff. It’s way easier anyways and spreadsheets are pretty!

  16. Jeremey DuVall says:

    Spend all of your time dreaming and no time actually doing. Dreams are great but actions produce results and progress.

  17. 10. Settle for Mediocrity. There is no point in doing anything more than the bare minimum required or try to stand out in any way, shape, or form. Fifteen pieces of flair is the minimum.

  18. JayGuzzle29 says:

    10. Thinking you know best; don’t need to follow the advice of others far superior because that would mean that you don’t know as much as you thought you did; doing the same thing over and over again expecting bigger and better results; judge those who ask for help and snub your nose at them…it’s okay to use bad form as long as your moving big weights (who has time to think about AVOIDING injuries); thinking its okay you and your four skinny friends can hog an exercise station and can spend 40 minutes talking about the random garbage while I wait to get on the station….I guess you do burn calories when your talking shit

  19. Dave Baker says:

    Make excuses. You’ve got a lot on your plate and some really deep complex problems that everyone needs to hear about.

  20. Neil says:

    #10 – Surround yourself with the same people who never get you anywhere. Networking is for social butterflies only. I’m fine with my group of friends since they tell me not to change anyway. They like me for who I am and don’t give me “constructive criticism”.

  21. TEN

    Not enough time, tired, too early, too late, don’t feel it, Tv show tonight, I’ll start tomorrow, Next week, seriously. Got a big day at work need to fast-food reward, I’m eating with friends, later …

  22. Mark Huband says:

    Spending all your spare time on training forums looking for the best training ideas, and then changing direction so many times without implementing the ideas long enough to see any difference.

  23. TEN
    Believe what others believe.

    If everybody says so, then it must be true, right? Never question anything, and believe in it, whenever it is in a magazine or Internet. Those people who question everything are just people that want to lose its time. Besides, you already KNOW everything you need to know, there is nothing more to learn.

  24. Billy Taylor says:

    Good stuff, Nate. These kinds of posts are what I miss the most about TheNateGreenExperience.

    TEN: Tell lies. Rather than having confidence in yourself and fostering real relationships, be needy and seek validation from others. Remember, you need lots of attention (of any kind) to feel relevant.

  25. Craig Downs says:

    Start something tomorrow you could start today. Sure there’s time but wait until tomorrow, maybe Monday, or perhaps the start of the month.

  26. Sammy Leal says:

    Give away responsibility.
    A mediocre guy expects the world to change, instead of trying to reinvent yourself. His happiness depends on the external world.

  27. 10 – Wait around for your life to change and for good things to come your way, You deserve more of life so naturally it should roll around by it self at some point. besides, It’s much easier than going out to get it yourself and making things happen.

  28. TEN
    Worry constantly, especially about things you can’t control. Think ‘What if?’ all the time. Second-guessing counts, but remember the more stress, the better.

  29. Oscar Lazaga says:

    #10. Sit there and wait. Good things come to those who wait, right? There’s no need to actually go find them yourself.

  30. Picard says:

    #10 – Never deviate. Never question authority. Never stop seeking validation from your peer group, coworkers, and/or family. Be afraid of truly living a life off the beaten path, a life lived a certain way because that’s what you truly desire. After all, going along with the way everyone else does things — and witnessing their relieved approval of your comfortable choices — is so much easier. Letting others, both individuals and society as a whole, tell you what to pay attention to, what to be interested in, how to spend your free time, what to believe, and basically what and how to think, will save you quite a bit of time and energy! And surely, all that extra time and energy saved through conforming will translate into a more deeply fulfilling life…right?

  31. rusha says:

    10: Don’t pay it forward. People who spread the wealth and help others achieve their goals are suckers. I mean, that’s more time for flexing your guns in the mirror right?

  32. Trevor says:

    Regret the past and worry about ther future. Spend no time living here and now.

  33. Kevin says:

    Spend all your time doing busy work on task and projects that leave you no closer to your goal. Don’t spend any time thinking about what it is that you really want or the steps needed to get there.

    Simplify and eliminate the non essential!!

  34. kenny says:

    Make sure no one holds you accountable. You can do it all on your own… Right?

  35. Andrew Rodarte says:


    It’s not your fault you have a horrible job, everyone lives Just Over Broke; you have to know people in order to get an amazing job, it’s not worked for. It’s not your fault you didn’t get enough sleep, you needed to play that last match on Call of Duty and catch up on your Instagram/twitter feed. It’s not your fault you can’t gain muscle, it’s your genetics that suck.

  36. TEN


    If it makes me uncomfortable it clearly isn’t worth doing.

  37. Clement You says:

    10: never put down a plan or goals in writing. After all, you can remember them all, can’t you? You will be able to accomplish everything and be the best you can be by just wandering rudderless in life. You’re too clever for that; planning is for people without common sense or initiative. And anyway, you don’t believe cliches like “failing to plan is planning to fail”!

  38. Tim Brettschneider says:

    Curls for the girls

  39. TEN

    To be too tired or say that is too late to do it today…. do it tomorrow!

  40. Brent LastName says:

    10: Compensate for your perceived shortcomings of yourself and those around you by cultivating a cynical, “fuck you” attitude. It will make you feel better and besides, it will make you seem like a real badass.

  41. Barath says:

    10. Complain when people don’t pick you even when yours is clearly the best #10.

  42. Kedric says:

    10. Not living with passion!

    Life without passion is meaningless. Passion creates a purpose and a purpose will define your life. Without it everyday would be a chore and you will end up being zombified, roaming the world aimlessly.

  43. finnious says:

    Cut your sleep time in half. There is too much work to be done in one day. Limit sleep to 4 hours in order to get more done everyday.

  44. Juan says:

    If you want, you can, but you have to fight for it every day!

  45. Will says:

    10. Don’t squat.

  46. Don’t read.

    Because reading is, um… hard.

  47. Jeremy Guy says:

    Ten = Always Stay in Your Comfort Zone
    Never allow yourself to be in uncomfortable situations or out of your element. Don’t go to the Oprah with your girlfriend, stay at home and play call of duty instead. Salsa lessons? Yeah right ill go to the gym and hit my biceps instead.

  48. TEN

    DON’T SMILE. Especially not at gym. Rather, grunt loudly, drop your weights heavily and obnoxiously, walk away immediately with purpose and don’t acknowledge any piss-ants who are smaller than you. People will respect you more when you do this. Above all never learn or practice anything new or that you are weak at or that your body truly needs to be balanced. Always spend your time focussing on what you are already strong at with an emphasis on the muscles that you can see when you look in the mirror……which you must do often.

  49. #10 Be a Chicken

    dont have the courage to stand up for yourself

    Never try anything new – and anything that may provide hardship and can be harmfull and not materially beneficial in the beginning