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How To Work Out To Build Muscle

In the first two lessons, we talked about how to defeat the Scrawny Mindset and how to make the Ultimate Muscle Meal.

In today’s video, we’re going to cover how to work out to build muscle. Because if you want to gain muscle, exercise is critical. Lots of guys make mistakes here, but the truth is there are just a couple simple principles to understand — and today we’ll tell you exactly what they are and even hook you up with a free training program.

Here we go.

Let’s recap the two things you need to do to start building muscle immediately:

  1. Use compound movements. They allow you to lift heavier weights, use more muscle, and increase your natural muscle-building hormones.
  2. Use progressive overload. Track what you do and challenge yourself to do a little more a little better each time.

We know it seems simple, but as long as you do those 2 things you’ll gain muscle quickly and for good. No need for anything fancy.

And if you want some help putting it all together, check out the sidebar on the right. We’ve included a custom 6-week training program for you called Ground Zero. The program follows the principles and science we use with our clients in the S2B coaching program.

Print it out and give it a shot.

Tomorrow’s Lesson: Supplements That Help You Build Muscle. The topic we get the most questions about, hands down. We’ll talk about which ones should you take –- or if you should take any at all. See you then.