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What To Eat:
The Ultimate Muscle Meal

Yesterday, you learned how to defeat the Scrawny Mindset.

In today’s video, we’ll teach you exactly what kinds of food to eat to build muscle and show you how to make the Ultimate Muscle Meal.

We’ll even give you some simple and delicious recipes and ideas to get you started. So let’s get right to it…

There are ways to make any meal healthier, faster to make, and better for building muscle. All you have to do is follow the 5 components of the Ultimate Muscle Meal.

In our resource section over on the right, you’ll find ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner — and even Super Shakes you can have when you’re in a rush.

But here’s the thing: take it easy. If you wanna gain muscle today, don’t try to change every meal and snack you eat right away, because it’s too much to change at once.

[Later in this course we’ll get into why that is, and we’ll teach you how to make building muscle more effective and much easier by doing less than you think you have to.]

For now, just focus on one meal, right now. That may seem small, but it’s really a huge step toward building muscle and one most guys never take.

In fact, making one small improvement at a time is what we have all our clients do. And we produce more dramatic muscle-building stories than anyone else.

So go ahead and read the free resources we’ve given you. In them, we show you exactly what to eat to build muscle.

Pick one meal to change, and try one of the recipes.

Tomorrow’s Lesson: How To Work Out To Build Muscle. Just like with nutrition, there’s a lot of stupid stuff out there regarding training programs and workouts. So let’s cut through the bullshit  and come up with something really effective.

See you then.